Billingsly has been involved in extensive radio and television evangelism emphasizing the difference in the Old and New Covenants, and  completed twenty-five years of continuous radio broadcasting on his program UNDERSTANDING THE BIBLE...with Dan Billingsly. He has just finished producing a new video series on the covenants..


 For many years he was editor and publisher of two biblical studies, Doctrinal Bible Studies for gospel preachers, elders and Christians, and Fundamental Bible Studies for Christians and those who are not members of churches of Christ. He has authored numerous books and studies includingThe New Testament Of Jesus Christ, a 450 page scripturally and “rightly divided” new covenant according to the teaching of the New Testament,  Understanding The Bible, God's Law Of Sin And Death And Christ's New Covenant Law, What About The Gentiles?, Christ And The Marriage Covenant, Understanding The Old Testament Age And Doctrine Of Matthew, Mark, Luke And John, Understanding Why Matthew 19 Is Not New Testament Doctrine, The Devil And Matthew 19, 25REASONS Why Matthew 19 Is Not New Testament Doctrine. He has several other books, studies and videos now in preparation.

 Recently he began a new concept of Teleconference Bible Studies all across the country. He has conducted these weekly one-hour telephone studies with brethren in Florida, Pennsylvania, California, Nevada, Alaska, Ohio, Indiana, Kansas, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Alabama, Wisconsin and other states. He has other studies with other students world-wide planned.

 For the past twenty years Billingsly  has assisted the INTERNET Church of Christ as evangelist which reaches out into “all the world.” One can join in these studies and worship with us on Sundays (9:00am and 5:30 pmcst  and Wednesdays at 7:00pmcst) by going to We welcome all!  Remember all times are USA Central Time Zone.

DAN BILLINGSLY has served Christ for the past sixty-five  years as evangelist with churches of Christ. He was born on March 25, 1929 in Dallas, Texas. He began his full-time evangelistic work in 1953 with the church in Blue Ridge, Texas, and he has served as local evangelist with churches of Christ in Carrollton,  Dallas, Odessa, Garland, Mesquite and Denton, TX and foreign mission work in Stockholm, Sweden. He has studied at Abilene Christian University and the University of Sweden in Stockholm, Sweden. He is well-known in the Dallas-Ft. Worth metroplex area for his evangelism and Bible teaching, and has spoken on numerous lectureships, training sessions and more than 300 evangelistic gospel meetings. In 1963, on his return from the European mission fields,  at the Haun Freeway church he established a preacher-training school in Dallas  for training evangelists among churches of Christ. This school ultimately grew into the Preston Road School of Preaching of Dallas, and graduated more than forty annual classes of gospel preachers.

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