Yes, we all know that some of the so-called “church fathers” in this atheistic movement began to catalogue and list these four books with the ungodly, spurious and “uninspired apocrypha” of their insane and deformed human church. Why? You see, these apostates realized that the true New Testament of Jesus Christ revealed in Acts 2 through Revelation did not mention the name of Mary one time - so they had to falsify the alignment of the books of the New Testament to also include Mary from Matthew, Mark, Luke and John - before the cross MMLJ/BC to support their heresy about Mary their Savior.

The following quotations from recognized biblical manuscript authorities on the "text" and "canon" (books of the Bible) show clearly that the New Testament "title page" -- the page that divides between the books of Malachi and Matthew -- the Old and New Testaments -- in our modern Bibles, was "first" placed in the Bible by Roman Catholic sectarian "translators" and " publishers" and was "first" printed by Pruss of Strassburg in 1486AD.


These quotations also show that from the time of the inspired new covenant apostles in the 1st century to 1486, there was no "inspired" or "apostolic" division "authorized" between the books of Malachi and Matthew. It is the teaching of the Scriptures - not some man made “title page” orininating in Rome - that righteously and scripturally divides between the Old and New Testaments!

No New Testament "Title Page" Before 1486AD


"Dear brother Billingsly, the sort of information I understood you to be looking for is likely to be found in the set: T.E. DARLOW and H.F. MOULE, Historical Catalogue Of Printed Editions Of Holy Scripture. It appears that the Gutenberg Bible (15th century) did not have a 'title page.' Our copies of the Sinaiticus (4th century) and Alexandrius (5th century) do not have a New Testament 'title page.'" Jack Lewis, Professor of Bible

Roman Catholic Church Admits No New Testament "Title Page" Before 1486AD


"Dear Mr. Billingsly, With regard to when the title-page was inserted between 2 Maccabees and the beginning of the Gospel according to Matthew, I call your attention to p. 421 of The Camridge History Of The Bible, Vol. 3, it states: 'In 1486 Pruss of Strassburg printed the first Bible with a "title page.'" Rev. William J. Sheehan, C.S.B.

No New Testament "Title Page" In The Oldest Manuscripts Of The Greek Bible


"Dear Sir, The oldest manuscripts of the Greek Bible were not produced with such a title-page at the beginning of St. Matthew's Gospel as we find in our modern printed editions."

Dr. Scott McKendrick, Curator of Biblical Manuscripts

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