The First Known Example Of The New Testament "Title Page"Was In 1486AD


"Dear Mr. Billingsly, The first printed edition of the Bible wa a copy of the Latin Vulgate printed about 1455 by Johan Gutenberg. Following traditional usage, it had neither title pages nor page numbers, and the books of the Bible with their traditional introductory prefaces were printed in continuous sequence. The first known example of a title page is the 1486 edition of the Bible in Latin published by Pruss of Strassburg, which carried the words 'Textus Biblie.'"

Erroll F. Rhodes, Assistant Director, Bible Study Helps

"Authority" For The Insertion Of The New Testament "Title Page" Was That Of The Printer


"Dear brother Billingsly, The first "title page" to the Bible was added in 1486 to a Latin Bible published by Pruss of Strassburg...The authority for its insertion was that of the printer."

Curt Niccum, College of Biblical Studies

Of course, this Roman Catholic and Protestant supported "title page" heresy is not true to the teaching of either the Old or New Testaments. As a result, the present erroneous and sectarian Roman Catholic New Testament "title page" has created a false impression and misunderstanding of the Bible in the minds of countless people.

We should know that the present Roman Catholic "title page" of the New Testament is not a part of the original God-breathed Scriptures. It was not placed in the Bible by God, the Holy Spirit, Christ or the inspired apostles -- it was "arbitrarily" placed in the Bible by the uninspired Roman Catholic hierarchy  as cover for their false teaching.

It is a "page" placed in the Bible by Roman Catholics in 1486AD at the outbreak of the Protestant Reformation. This was an intentional Roman Catholic fraud perpetrated on the Protestant world to confuse and mislead their ‘doctrinal reformation’ against Catholicism?” YES, a human, papal, doctrinal fraud! Did Rome think that if the Protestants followed the misleading and doctrinally wrong New Testament "title page" they placed between Malachi and Matthew, that the Protestant Reformation would never be able to understand or teach the true New Testament of Christ revealed in Acts 2 through Revelation 22? Yes! Yes!! Yes!!!

In spite of the fact that the Lord’s church has always taught that Acts 2 marks the “beginning” of the New Testament age, first revelation of New Covenant doctrine by the apostles, first alien sinners baptized for their alien sins, and first Christians made by obeying the New Testament gospel, first church of Christ established, the Roman Catholic hierarchy  has succeeded, for all Catholics and Protestant churches - and many among churches of Christ - now believe and teach that the book of Matthew marks the "beginning" of the New Testament "age.”

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