Two Important Announcements!

We invite everyone to visit our Bible Studies and Worship services on Sundays at 9:00am cst, 5:30pmcst, and Wednesdays at 7pmcst. Everyone is welcome as we explore and understand the differences between the Old and New Testaments, and why the four books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John belong in the Old Testament - not the New Testament.

Learn why the Roman Catholic church - in 1486AD, moved these four books from the Old to the New Testament in an attempt to confuse the Protestant Reformation and protect their false teaching about Mary and Jesus. Truth is that Mary is never mentioned in the true New Testament of Christ in Acts 2 through Revelation 22.

Learn why the Roman Catholic New Testament “title page” is in the wrong place. Learn why the Roman Catholic and Protestant “division” between the Old and New Testaments is wrong!

Learn why the true New Testament begins in Acts 2 - not Matthew 1. Without this information one can never understand the Bible!

Bible Study And Worship With Us!

For whatever reason, if our Internet studies and worship services are more convenient and helpful for you and your family, by worshipping with us via your computer, you will save time and expense in fulfilling your responsibilities before the Lord and your brethren.

Just click this link, - and you will come directly into our worship site. We have and practice together  all the elements of New Testament study and worship.  Its easy, practical and helpful! (By connecting your computer by an inexpensive cable(HDMI) to a larger television you will make it even easier for the whole family to see and participate.)

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