they teach religious "fables" (II Tim. 4:1-5); those who shall "believe a lie and be damned" (II Thess. 2:8-12)! They are..."enemies of the cross of Christ: whose end is destruction..." (Phil. 3:15-19).


When Were Modern "Denominational Churches" Established?

       We can readily see and understand why the true "church of Christ" is the "oldest" religion and  church in the world when we compare its date of "establishment" with modern denominational churches.  Consider the establishment of the Lord's church in 33 AD, as recorded in Acts 2, with the historical date of the establishment of "modern" denominations.  


We can see that all of these "modern" sectarian and denominational churches were established many "centuries" after the "beginning" of the New Testament "church" in Acts 2. Denominations cannot possibly compare with the reality, age and establishment of the true New Testament "church" in AD 33.  Denominational churches that have  built their doctrinal system on the "creeds" and "traditions" of men cannot possibly compare with the "true" doctrinal system of the Lord's "church" that is established only on the teaching of the New Testament.

      Remember, when the  disciples carried the new covenant "gospel" to Antioch (Acts 11:19-20), the "Christians" were called "the church" (Acts 11:26).  When the Corinthians became New Testament "Christians" (Acts 18:8), the apostle wrote them a letter and addressed it to "the church in Corinth."  Paul greeted the "church" in Rome by  the "name" of Christ, "...the churches of Christ salute you" (Rom. 16:16).  The "true," "one," New Testament "church" does not wear a denominational name -- for whatsoever we believe and do as Christians, we must believe and do in the name of Christ -- by the authority of his teaching in the New Testament (Col. 3:15-17).  The work of Christ cannot be and is not "scripturally" done through denominational "names" or by sectarian "authority."


Certainly, in light of these new covenant "truths," we should all understand that the  New Testament "church of Christ" is not composed of  a thousand  denominations teaching different doctrines that contradict each other as well as the New Testament.  Christ's new covenant "church" is "one body" that "believes" the New Testament  of Jesus Christ -- for the "church" is built on and supports the new covenant "truth" of Christ (I Tim. 3:15-16).  No modern denomination can make that claim!

33 AD New Testament CHURCH OF CHRIST

603-1054 AD Greek Orthodox and Roman Catholic churches  

1528 AD Lutheran church

1536 AD Presbyterian church

1611 AD Baptist church

1739 AD Methodist church

1830 AD Mormon church

1830 AD Seventh-Day Adventist church

1866 AD Christian Science church

1900 AD Pentecostal church  

If one is a member of a modern denomination - they are not a member of the New Testament church of Christ!

Therefore, they are still in their sins and not saved from those past sins! What must they do?

They must leave the denomination and obey the New Testament gospel of Christ!

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