Understanding The New Covenant And Books Of The New Testament Of Jesus Christ

ACTS 2: The New Testament/Christian Age: Acts 2 marks the “beginning” of the New Testament age (L:uke 24:44) as Christ, through the Holy Spirit, reveals his new covenant doctrine to the apostles. Acts 2 also describes the “establishment” of the New Testament “church as thousands of Jews were converted to the New Testament “Savior” -- Jesus Christ, the risen Lord. Acts 3 through 9 continue to show the conversion of thousands of additional alien Jews. Beginning in Acts 10 through 28 we find the first and continuing conversions of alien Gentiles (and more alien Jews) as the apostles carry the new covenant “gospel” into “all the world” (Matt. 28:18).

ROMANS -- JUDE: These New Testament books are letters of instruction addressed only to the early churches of Christ established by the apostles and early gospel preachers as to how Christians should live, worship, and work for the Lord. These books constitute the conditions, commands and promises of the new covenant. They were written only to New Testament Christians; they were not written to nor do they apply to alien sinners of the world. No New Testament book, chapter or verse was written to or for a denomination.

REVELATION: A highly symbolic book of the apostle John’s vision, not of historical events to come after the 1st century, but the Godhead’s new covenant “promise” of the full and final victory of Christ and his new covenant “church” in every generation -- as the church overcomes the evil forces of sin in the world. The New Testament of Jesus Christ was written between 33 AD and 100 AD.

NOTE: To understand the full and complete New Testament doctrine of Christ on any and every subject. one must gather all of the information from all of the books, chapters and verses in the New Testament on that specific doctrine and study and interpret all the doctrinal information together to understand the complete will and meaning of Christ’s New Testament doctrine. The complete meaning of Christ on any and/or  every doctrine is never revealed in one verse of New Testament scripture.

This is why we must interpret the New Testament by full and complete covenants - not by individual verses.  We must interpret the New Testament of Christ recorded in Acts 2 through Revelation 22 – by the total teaching of all New Testament books, chapters and verses on any subject taught by Christ on every doctrine!

For example, the New Testament doctrine of Chirst for “baptism” is first commanded by Christ in Acts 2:38. Then, all of the details, examples, meaning and purposes of “baptism are fully explained in the New Testament definition of baptism, baptize, and baptized listed in any standard concordance of the New Testament.  There are four different “baptisms” mentioned in the scriptures, Christ’s personal Old Testament “baptism” by John the baptizer of Israel, Christ’s “baptism” of suffering, death, and finally the “one baptism” by immersion in the “new birth” gospel. Study these differences  carefully!        

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